About ITS... Team Profile

We rally every day to deliver award winning truckload performance

ITS is a truckload operation with strong spirit and a shared vision. Our team is filled with uniquely skilled characters that create what we like to call “truckload excitement”. Their combined efforts are the heart of our company and as a team, we’ve never been stronger.

Our knowledgeable staff are positioned across seven strategic Ontario terminal locations with with Kingston being the most recent additions.

Together we serve our customers with:

Congratulations On Reaching A Service Milestone With ITS

16 years

Ron Copeland

17 years

Rob Dainard

17 years

Glen Detlor

17 years

JoReen Fisk

16 years

Esther Typhair

16 years

Erin Woods

15 years

Steve Yeates

17 years

Marty Yaxely

17 years

Wendy Millar

29 years

Bernice Jones

16 years

Susanne Oosting

35 years

Donna Bowler