About ITS... Safety & Training

We listen, learn and continue to move forward

Experience is a great teacher and the knowledge gained in the various aspects of our operation are passed on to benefit new recruits and veterans alike. We never stop learning, enhancing the skills of our people and our ability to keep our team safe at home and on the road.

Through a team effort and a collaborative approach, we are very effective at the introduction and careful execution of critical safety, maintenance and training programs. We’ve formalized apprentice and mentorship programs to add professional drivers and diesel technicians to our company and the industry at large.

We take action and shape the future for generations to come

Like most companies today, we are taking the necessary steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Regular training and maintenance are key elements in achieving our goals in this regard. We enforce a strict no idle policy, govern speed limits, keep our fleet well maintained and reduce both paper and energy use in our facilities.

Safety guidelines & procedures

1Thaw - Period - Transports Québec

For the 2018 thaw period, the following are the start and end dates of the load restriction period for each thaw zone:

Dates for 2018

Zone 1

Monday March 5 (00:01hrs) to Friday May 4 (23:59hrs)

Zone 2

Monday April 2 (00:01hrs) to Friday May 18 (23:59hrs)

Zone 3

Monday April 23 (00:01) to Friday June 1 (23:59hrs)

2017 Thaw

Depending on the changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period may be moved ahead or postponed.

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2Spring Thaw Load Restrictions - Ontario

The province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks during spring thaw periods.

Restriction on permits

All annual and project overweight permits are not valid on any highways unless otherwise specified on the permit during:

  • March and April in Southern Ontario
  • March, April and May in Northern Ontario

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3Traffic Impacts
During July 26-30th, 2017 there will be major road delays in the Ottawa region. It is all due to the La Machine event that is part of the Canada 150 Celebrations. Checkout which roads will be affected below: http://ottawa.ca/en/la-machine#traffic-impacts#traffic-impacts#traffic-impacts