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January 19, 2011

Our Salute to Max Haggarty and our Canadian Troops

Our Salute to Max Haggarty and our Canadian Troops

From all of us:

Norm Jeffrey, Al Boudreau, Matt Tracey, Dale Maybe, Joe Hale, Nick Van Gemeren, Bill Lindup, Bob Gibson, Louis Bailey,Erin Woods, Joreen Fisk, Cheryl Bongard, Rachelle Bennett, Rob Haggarty, Leslie White, Gail Watt, Christine McArthur, Deirdre Graham, Barb Johnston, Michelle McCoy, Lisa Smith, Chris McMillan, Teena Chapman, Lisa Hamilton, Wendy Stachura, Patty Sands, Zlatka Pozenel,Brent Woods, Esther Typhair,Catherine Melanson, Tony Walt, Jim Sagriff, Paul Orser, Fred LaBrash, Mike Crawford, Gus Platana, Scott White,Dan Mcleod, Anne Grabowski, Jean Lobb, Glen Detlor, Steve Farris, Pam Haggarty, Patsy Dearing, Darlene Shaw, Mike Chapman, Jim Brown, Steve Yeates, Rob Dainard, Don Cook. Sorry we missed picture day: Randy Rushnell, Al White, Mike Willman, Mike Whaley, Trevor Baker, Lucas Millford, Ron Copeland, Bill Pickell, Ray Whaley, Donovan White


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